What I think my relationship with my horses is like:


What my relationship with my horses actually is:


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My weekend

Sorry I haven’t been posting much! Here’s how my weekend has gone….

Friday: lesson on Winny at 9am. Get to CNDC (barn I work at) at 11. Ride 5 horses. Set up indoor arena for Hanoverian inspection. Finish at 9pm. Go to dinner with barn people, get home at 11pm. Fall asleep immediately.

Saturday: back at CNDC 6:30am. Braid 5 mares and foals. Help with inspection, aka be a foal wrangler, until 2pm. Ride 4 horses. Bathe 6 horses. Move flowers, court, etc from indoor arena to outdoor arena for filming of auction horses. Finish at 9pm. Go to dinner with barn people, get home at midnight. Never made it to the barn to see Winny. Fall asleep immediately.

Sunday: wake up 5am, go to Winny’s barn to give him grain since I didn’t go last night. Get to CNDC 7am. Braid 5 horses and 1 foal. Help get horses ready for videos. Ride 2 horses for videos. Clean tack, clean horses, etc. Finish at 3:30 pm. Drive back to Winny’s barn, ride Winny.

Now finally done (5:45 pm) whew!! What a weekend. It was fun and exciting but exhausting. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to be on Tumblr. On the plus side, in a few weeks I’ll have videos of all the auction horses for you guys! There are some really nice ones this year!!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend :)

Have the gumbits arrived? Do they work? Thanks! xx

They did arrive but they are kind of weird… I expected them to be gummy but they are hard and he won’t eat them haha so I don’t know. I’ve been doing Soroya’s trick with the candles though (did you see the video? ) and it works really well!